Please join us for this year’s Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) in beautiful Dallas/Fort Worth. MACNA is the largest & oldest marine aquarium conference in North America. MACNA is an exciting, annual event where you can listen to lectures from any and every field related to reef keeping. Subjects from conservation, to reef chemistry, to equipment and husbandry, there is something for everyone.

MACNA is different than other conferences. In addition to listening to speakers and viewing vendors’ products, it is a social event! Speakers, vendors and attendees come together with a common interest! Vendors, speakers and attendees come to see each other as much as they do to hear lectures or view vendors products. You can mingle & chat with your favorite authors, vendors, or reef enthusiast from around the country at the Friday night reception and Saturday night during the awards banquet.

There will also be over 100 vendors there selling the hottest corals, displaying new cutting edge equipment, and asking you for your ideas so they may serve you and the hobby better.

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October 17, 2011
Here we come! Next stop Orange County to visit our friends in California at Reefapalooza! If you are in the area, come stop by our booth!

October 11, 2011
Saturday, October 15 2011: We are going to be on site to answer any questions you have about MACNA 2012. Be sure to come talk to us in Oklahoma City this weekend. We will have a special registration rate that …

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Spotlight Corner

Marc Levenson http://www.reefaddicts.com Known to many online as “Melev”, Marc Levenson has been in the hobby for over 13 years. Marc runs two websites: melevsreef.com & reefaddicts.com that are there to help hobbyists everywhere. His site started off as a …